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A retractable awning at its finest form.


The cassette awning provides protection to the fabric when closed, while it provides an elegant and aesthetic result.


Cassette Awnings for Stylish and Convenient Shading Solutions

Cassette awning, which is one of the shading systems, is a type of awning that the user can open and close by folding whenever he wants. It is extremely economical compared to the belows  and articulated awning.

Pars Plus Luxe Cassette 1 1
Pars Cassette 1 1

Max Front: 5000 mm
Max Expansion: 3000 mm
15 m² Max. is the usage area.

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Pars Casette

PARS CASSETTE Awning systems are designed for those who demand more with both the comfort advantage of their standard motorized structures and their protective boxes. The PARS CASSETTE Awning system, which is manufactured as a standard with motor and remote control, allows you to create a shadow area with a single button. While it ensures that the acrylic fabric is kept in the box in the closed position, it also extends the life of the fabric.

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Pars Casette Plus

PARS PLUS CASSETTE System, which is a system with the same structure as the PARS System, offers advantages in areas to be closed with both long opening and facade dimensions. PARS PLUS CASSETTE Awning system, whose technical structure has been developed and box sizes have been enlarged, helps you to comfortably close an area of 25 m2 with one-button technology.

Pars Plus Cassette 2 1

Max Front: 7000 mm
Max Expansion: 3500 mm
25 m² Max. is the usage area.

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Janela 2 1

Max Front: 5000 mm
Max Expansion: Kol: 2000 mm H: 4000 mm
10 m² Max. is the usage area.

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It is a product of the work of JANELA Solution-oriented awning systems, which differs from all other shade systems with both its collapsible arm technology and its structure. JANELA, which can cut the vertically incoming sunlight with its arms that can be opened and closed up to 175 degrees, also stands out with its stylish design and fabric protection details in the cassette awning system. Unlike other cassette awnings, the JANELA system, which is produced with a motor as standard, can also be used manually if desired.

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