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Retractable Pergola Awning Roof System


System designed to enhance your outdoor space


Retractable Awning Roof (Double Pitch)

Pergola Systems, which we have achieved a new  mechanical transformation by developing technology, has become a part in every field of our lives.

In botanical science, leaf species that grow in a flat surface are called subulate. With this in mind, we have gathered our pergola systems that can be opened and closed on a flat surface.

twin MT 2 final
twin MT3 final


Max Width: 44' - 4"
Max Protection: 65' - 7"
2.912 sqft Maximum Coverage on a Single System

Retractable Awning Roof


ARCHY-1 is a steel structure created by installing two parts of a different pergola system, back-to-back with the support of iron construction.

We have developed a flat model for the closure of large areas.

Suitable Product Groups

Additional Options

You can add additional features for the Tectona Flat Twin product.

Linear Led Light

Dimmer Unit

Wind & Rain Sensor

Non-Standard RAL Colors

Selective Wood Coating

Insulated Aerofoil Louver & Profiles

Sliding Glass Doors

ZIP Screen

Guillotine Window

Folding Glass

Available Module Types

Single Module

Max. Width as 14'-9"
Max. Projection as 65'-7"
Standard Carrier Post Profile height as 8'-2"

Double Module

Max. Width as 29'-6"
Max. Projection as 65'-7"
Standard Carrier Post Profile height as 8'-2"

Triple Module

Max. Width as 44'-4"
Max. Projection as 65'-7"
Standard Carrier Post Profile height as 8'-2"

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Necessity is the mother of all inventions and solutions. In time, small dreams turn into great inventions.

We have been building shading systems since the first day we opened our doors for  production.

We have been working hard to find new solutions of pergola systems.

Here are our new ARCHY-MADE Series for your demands, which we prepared with the years of experience and long R&D studies. Our Archy Series; ARCHY-1 and ARCHY-6 models are available for large area closure projects. Other models are available for small and boutique projects. ARCHY-2 model is available in free designs.

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