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Infinity is designed for installing between two existing structures


System designed to enhance your outdoor space


Retractable Louvered Roof

The louvered roof system is designed and supported with many options to be used freely in all four seasons.

Ideal for: Hotels, bars, restaurants and leisure industry as well as private houses and properties.

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Max Width: 12' - 7"
Max Protection: 22' - 6"
284 sqft Maximum Coverage on a Single System

Retractable Louvered Roof


Infinity is a special system that is designed for installing between two existing structures. This system does not require any support posts and can be installed directly on the wooden or iron beams of side structures.

An open area of two separate properties can become an closed outdoor area with installation of Infinity system. Sompy brand motors are used in this system.

Additional Options

Wall-mounted, you can add additional features for the Galaxy Infinity product.

Linear Led Light

Dimmer Unit

Wind & Rain Sensor

Non-Standard RAL Colors

Selective Wood Coating

Guillotine Window

Folding Glass

Available Module Types

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Side Beam
2 Pieces
Width:Max. 12′ – 7″
Projection:Max. 22′ – 6″

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The louvered roof system is designed and supported with many options to be used freely
in all four seasons.

Louvered roof system can be easily integrated with sound and light systems. And with additional heating systems, it can be used even in difficult winter conditions. Motivated to innovation, our teams at Pergola Room LLC introduced the Galaxy Retractable Louver Pergola systems after a year of R&D studies in 2018.

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