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What is

Solar Shading?

Solar shading is a method by which solar radiation in the form of heat and light can be mitigated in a building. While natural heat and light are essential in most buildings and modern architecture uses it more and more there are occasions when the levels are too high. This leads to high temperatures and too much light.

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ZIP Screen

The ZIP screen box provides effective protection for the right or left gables of your pergola. Protect yourself and enjoy privacy without the feeling of being confined, whenever you want.


Solar Shading Systems

Solar Shading System is a complete system of external fixed and mobile shading louvers, creating excellent functional conditions in any building concerning to temperature and natural lightningof the inside. Solar Shading System uses the properties of the sun, so you can save energy while heating or cooling your place. Solar Shading System made of anodized aluminium is the ultimate choice.

Benefits of Solar Shading Systems

Horizontal or cantilevered arrangement of the louvers can fully cover a range of applications.

Mobile and fixed shading function.

Possibility of installing sunsensors, rainsensors, smokesensors.

All the accessories are made of aluminium, stainless steel and polyamide.

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Sliding Louver System

Sunshade panel with horizontal sliding

The sunshade panels effortlessly glide to your desired position, providing customizable shade as the sun moves throughout the day. Experience seamless adjustment with just a flick of your wrist.

ZIP Screens

Treat yourself to privacy and side protection!

Whether you want to spruce up your pergola or another opening, the vertical ZIP screen blind is the ideal solution to protect you from the grazing rays of the sun, but also from low winds and light rain. Mostly, it also protects against mosquitoes, unwanted guests on a terrace. The ZIP screen box has a patented system for easily adjustable canvas tension whenever the need arises.

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Casette Awnings

Cassette awning, which is one of the shading systems, is a type of awning that the user can open and close by folding whenever he wants. It is extremely economical compared to the belows and articulated awning.

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Over the years, the Retractable Pergola Awning Roof System has been manufactured with different materials.

And the systems are used as heavy structures or sometimes in the simplest form of living spaces. Pergola Systems, which we have achieved a new mechanical transformation by developing technology, has become a part in every field of our lives.

As Pergola Room LLC, we continue to bring a new perspective to Retractable Roof Pergola systems
with our 15 years of background experience, professional staff and advanced service policy based on customer satisfaction.

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