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Do you want to create an extra living space on your patio? Do you want a shelter where you can drink your morning coffee while the sun’s rays gently caress your face? Looking for a safe playroom for the kids? Do you want an outdoor gathering space where you can enjoy time with friends? Maybe you are looking for an extra space to study, work, exercise? Or a cosy corner to relax in all seasons? Or Rooftop, Cafe and Restaurant outdoor spaces?

DynaMov Sliding Glass Roof Sunroom

The most beautiful outdoors deserve more than just standard solutions.

Our Sunroom Systems are fully glazed tempered and laminated glass roof systems with aluminum structure. Furter more functional, ergonomic and advanced technological glass systems.


Sunrooms = GLASS ROOFS

Sitting Under An Open Sky!

Pergola Room creates living space and increases your quality of life in a unique way.  Sunrooms flooded with light gives the sensation of a warm summer breeze, even in winter, and your conservatory will quickly become the real centrepiece of your home or commercial spaces.

Our Sunroom Systems are made of fully glazed tempered and laminated glass with an aluminum structure. They are functional, ergonomic, and technologically advanced, allowing you to use your outdoor space in any condition, all year round. With a heat insulated system, you can enjoy the comfort of your home without worrying about the weather. Sunrooms offer stylish solutions for any space and project, making them a great choice for roofs with different pitches.

Open Up New Perspectives In Every Direction.


Sunroom Movie

Hawaii 40

Dynamic stationary glass inclined roofs

Half-insualted glazed roof system. Mostly usable for 3 seasons. Using the Sunroom allows you to gain an additional living area, patio outdoors, cafe, restaurant, house backyard, rooftops. Enjoy the readily available space in summer and save plenty of valuable energy in winter.

Hawaii40 Glazed Roof Sunroom
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Hawaii 40 GALLERY

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Hawaii80 1232

Hawaii 80

It is a fixed glass roof system designed for thermal insulation.

The elegant, timeless design of the HAWAII 80 glazed roof system, available in various configurations, makes it possible to implement energy-saving solutions. It saves you energy in every season.

HAWAII 80 insulated glass system offers a range of options that meet your specific needs and preferences to design for all outdoor conditions. While its thermal insulation and foam-filled interior provide excellent insulation, its dual-color design creates a different appearance both inside and outside.

HAWAII 80 offers you a living space that you can use in all seasons.


A cubic sunroom system

Non-insulated, cubic glass roof system. Built freestanding or attached to your building, the sophisticated and premium sunroom design stands out with its solid handicrafted and superior elegance.

CUBO offers comfort and security together! CUBO adapts perfectly to any spatial conditions, with add-on or built-in options for different glass roof styles.

Solid structure – also withstands high snow loads. Can be supplied with LED Lights in fitted in the rafter. Integration with Sunparadise systems. Broad range of colours for an individual touch

Pergolaroom assures you that you’ll have a glass house, summer garden or patio roof brimming brightly with optimism and verve!



CUBO Sunroom with Sliding and Folding Glass and Zip Screen


Prime Sunroom
Prime Sunroom
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Bespoke glass roof

Our sunrooms can be built freestanding or attached to your building and with combination of glass sliding and side enclosures ,you can feel secure and comfortable in your new sunroom.

Pergolaroom assures you that you’ll have a glass house, summer garden or patio roof brimming brightly with optimism and verve!

Sliro 002
DynaMov sliding Glass Roof


DynaMov Sliding Glass Roof Sunroom


Stylish sliding roof solution with wide scope of customisation.

Especially suitable for patios, garden enclosures, winter garden roofs, pool enclosures, restaurants and smoking rooms. System is composed of sliding glass (double or triple glazed) roof modules that move over each other and stack under the fixed part. %100 water and air tightness thanks to its unique profile design.

Provides side enclosure options; sliding glass, folding glass, guillotine glass and zip screens.

Strong motor provides uniform, reliable movement of the sliding and customised opening speeds. Options to use with glass, polycarbonate or other panel systems. Concealed guttering that creates minimal and contemporary finish.

A completely modular construction enables you to start with the basic roof and then add shading products, lighting and additional heating. Fully adaptation with vertical movable glass (guillotine) systems to convert into a full glass room Optional mounting as roof overhang or as a free standing system without a need of steel construction. Corrosion resistant metal accessories and stainless steel screws.

Pergolaroom assures you that you’ll have a glass house, summer garden or patio roof brimming brightly with optimism and verve!

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Over the years, the Retractable Pergola Awning Roof System has been manufactured with different materials.

And the systems are used as heavy structures or sometimes in the simplest form of living spaces. Pergola Systems, which we have achieved a new mechanical transformation by developing technology, has become a part in every field of our lives.

As Pergola Room LLC, we continue to bring a new perspective to Retractable Roof Pergola systems
with our 15 years of background experience, professional staff and advanced service policy based on customer satisfaction.

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