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Glass systems create aesthetics and functionality


Elevate your living comfort with perfection

Being modern

architectural structure to your living areas

Our glass systems are generally preferred in balconies, office partitions, and places such as cafeterias and shops where a variety of spaces is desired. Our systems offer a new alternative with their style.

  • Create virtually any shape with angle changes
  • Unlimited number of panels for wider openings
  • Customizable stacking options offer unobstructed views
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The most beautiful areas deserve more than just standard solutions.

It is used as a fixed glass roof. It is used in restaurant, cafe, winter garden, terrace coatings. There are many options and special designs are made according to the application area and the customer’s request. Guaranteed to be waterproof and rustproof.


Glass Systems

Fixed glass ceiling is a system that can be applied to winter gardens, terraces and balconies. First, a wooden or iron skeleton is created. After the skeleton of the ceiling part is made, frames are made by using 4+4 or 5+5 laminated glass inside the aluminum joinery.

These materials are mounted using materials and apparatus suitable for the roof and completed with water insulation. Glass roofs are used in many commercial spaces as well as being frequently preferred in homes. The lower parts of the glass roofs can be closed with the folding glass balcony system and an elegant space can be created.

Advantages of Glass Systems

Simple Installation

Perfect for Indoor - Outdoor Living

More Natural Light

Security And Safety

Added Value

Folding and Sliding Flexibility

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Gss 17

Slide-and-Stack Glass Wall

With the GSS 17 Glass Wall, you can easily move all panels individually by folding them 90° into the parking area, turning your indoor space into an outdoor oasis. The top-hung, all-glass sliding system is held and guided by a narrow aluminum profile at the top and bottom, allowing for a sleek and minimalist look.

Bali 60

It is a lift-and-slide door system designed for use in all spaces where high thermal insulation, safety, and durability are a priority, including residential areas with verandas or terrace openings, under winter gardens, and commercial spaces used as summer or winter areas.

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Ideal 38

Sliding Door System

IDEAL 38 offers a sleek and modern solution for homeowners who want to unleash their imagination and create their perfect space.

Gsw 17

A lift-and-slide door system designed for areas where high thermal insulation, safety, and durability are a priority, such as residential verandas and terraces, winter gardens, and commercial spaces used in summer or winter.

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Folding Glass Wall

Supertherm 80

Thermal Insulated Bifold Doors

SUPERTHERM 80 is available in a range of folding walls, fixed glazing, doors, and windows, as well as top-hung or floor-supported bifold door options. Open them inwards or outwards for added convenience, and choose from a wide selection of colors to match your home’s aesthetic.

Fiesta 42

Bifold doors

The system can be supplied with top or bottom tracks, and both are height adjustable for realignments. You can also expand the frame system of the FIESTA 42 folding wall with the window, fixed element, and door systems of the same series, providing a complete and harmonious solution for your living space.

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Over the years, the Retractable Pergola Awning Roof System has been manufactured with different materials.

And the systems are used as heavy structures or sometimes in the simplest form of living spaces. Pergola Systems, which we have achieved a new mechanical transformation by developing technology, has become a part in every field of our lives.

As Pergola Room LLC, we continue to bring a new perspective to Retractable Roof Pergola systems
with our 15 years of background experience, professional staff and advanced service policy based on customer satisfaction.

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